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Domestic Homicides and Gender Analysis

Reducing Domestic Homicide
While there has been considerable focus on the problems of illegal guns, most women killed with guns are killed with legally owned guns, particularly rifles and shotguns. On average, one in three women killed by their husbands are shot, and most (88%) of them with legally owned rifles and shotguns.
The recent Small Arm Survey of 2013 explored the relation between guns and domestic violence. Among other things, they say that while the majority of the victims and perpetrators of firearms-related homicides are male, many more women than men are killed, injured and intimidated by firearms in the context of domestic violence.

Family Violence in Rural Communities
A study done in the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island of family violence and firearms in rural communities found that 66% of the women who indicated there were firearms in their home said knowing about the firearms made them more fearful for their safety and well-being.

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