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Issues and Facts

The debate on gun control in Canada suffers from misinformation and half-truths. Get the real facts here.

Women’s Safety and Gendered Gun Violence

Firearms, most often long-guns, are an all too frequent element of domestic violence and women and children in these situations suffer disproportionately from a lack of controls on firearms.

Victims of Gun Violence

Victims of gun violence have been at the forefront in the battle for gun control, wanting to prevent other families from suffering as they have. Learn about the contributions of victims of gun violence in the fight to for effective controls on firearms in Canada.

Injury and Suicide Prevention

Public health experts agree that effective gun control can help prevent the misuse of guns, leading to death and injury.

Public Safety and Policing

Effective controls on guns helps protect police and gives them valuable tools to help investigate gun crime. Learn about how police feel about gun control and how it helps them keep us all safe.

Illicit Trafficking and International Obligations

Canada has a proud history of international engagement and working to prevent the trafficking of illegal small arms and light weapons worldwide has long been a part of that. Learn about the international agreements Canada has signed and its role in current efforts to further combat illegal arms dealing.

Myths and Facts

Many of the myths perpetuated on gun control may sound reasonable on the surface, but don’t hold up under closer scrutiny. Learn what true and what’s not in this debate.

Gun Violence

All Canadians, rural and urban, suffer from the scourge of gun violence. Gun control has an important role in preventing it.

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