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Reports and Studies

Domestic Homicides and Gender Analysis
Firearms, most often long-guns, are an all too frequent element of domestic violence and women and children in these situations suffer disproportionately from a lack of controls on firearms. Here you will find studies and reports on gendered violence involving firearms.

Gun Violence
All Canadians, rural and urban, suffer from the scourge of gun violence. Here you will find studies and reports on how gun control can help prevent gun violence in our communities.

Public Health: More Guns = More Deaths
Public health experts agree that effective gun control can help prevent the misuse of guns, leading to death and injury. Find important reports and studies on how gun control helps to reduce death and injury from firearms.

International Action and Canadian Obligations
Small arms in the hands of civilians pose serious challenges for security in numerous settings. Canada has a proud history of international engagement and working to prevent the trafficking of illegal firearms worldwide has long been a part of that, though in recent years this position has been slipping away. Learn more about international action on the global gun epidemic here.

Military Assault Weapons
Military assault weapons pose a particular threat because of their lethality. These weapons are very efficient – they are designed to allow users with limited skill to kill as many people as possible. They are typically fully automatic or semi-automatic and accept large capacity magazines capable of firing 30-50 bullets without reloading. Victims often die of multiple gunshot wounds.Learn more about these guns and initiatives to control them.

Find archived reports here.

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