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Victims of Gun Violence

Six public inquests have specifically recommended the licensing of gun owners and registration of firearms to reduce the risk of further tragedies and made many recommendations for strengthening the screening processes and reducing the renewal period: the inquest into the death of Jonathan Yeo who killed Nina deVilliers and Karen Marquis, the inquest into the murder of Kassonde children, sportscaster Brian Smith, and Arlene May, the inquest into the OC Transpo shooting as well as the inquiry into the Vernon massacre when Rajwar Gakhal and eight members of her family were murdered by her estranged husband.

Victims and the families and friends of victims of gun violence have been at the forefront in the fight for strong gun control in Canada, wanting to prevent others from suffering as they have and highlighting the real costs of gun violence. Learn why victims believe that gun control is an important tool in preventing further victimization.

Over the years victims of gun violence have appeared in front of a number of parliamentary committees, they have spoken in the media, they have written to elected officials and have fought all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to defend strong gun control in Canada. Read excerpts from their recent powerful testimony in opposition to weakening our gun control laws here.

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