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Women’s Safety and Gendered Gun Violence

Every year in Canada, more than 100,000 women and children leave their homes to seek safety in a shelter. Gun violence is present in many of these cases, taking such forms as intimidation, control and homicide. Studies and coroner inquests have shown that rates of homicide in domestic violence situations increase significantly when there is a firearm in the home. “Long guns” — rifles and shotguns — are the guns most likely to be used in domestic violence situations.

Here you will find some quick and useful facts on women and gun violence, including information on the increased risks that women in domestic violence situations face and how gun control has helped protect them.

Many women’s groups voiced their opposition to Bill C-19 (Ending the Long-gun Registry Act), fearing that it will put women at even greater risk. Here you will find information explaining the particular impacts of the provisions of Bill C-19 on women and the limited input women’s groups and safety experts were allowed to give during Parliamentary study of the Bill.

This handout from Summer 2013 gives an update on Bill C-19 and facts on the risk that women face from gun violence.

Women’s safety experts and front line women’s organizations have repeatedly spoke out on the importance of gun control and the gun registry to protecting women at risk of domestic violence. Here are selected quotes on the subject from their reports, testimonies and websites.

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