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About the Coalition

Founded in the wake of the Montreal Massacre, the Coalition for Gun Control was formed to support strategies to reduce gun death, injury and crime.

The Coalition supports legislation that includes:

  • licences that are periodically renewed for ALL gun owners
  • a cost-effective system to register all guns
  • a total ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines
  • controls on the sale of ammunition
  • tougher restrictions on handguns.

In addition, the Coalition promotes:

  • strict safe storage requirements
  • education countering the romance of guns and the myth of arming for self-protection
  • a ban on replica firearms
  • measures to reduce the illegal importation of guns
  • effective implementation of the law
  • deterrence and prevention in the justice system.

Currently, the Coalition is focused on:

  • protecting sensible gun control laws and measures from challenges and attacks by the gun lobby
  • research and public education
  • improving measures to combat smuggling and the illegal gun trade.

Learn more about the history of the Coalition and its work here.