Banning Handguns

What You Need to Know About Gun Control

Firearms in Canada are a leading cause of death. While recent focus has been on gang violence in large cities, gun violence is not just an urban issue. In fact, rates of crime and death per capita tend to be higher in smaller cities.

Go further and read about the feasibility of increased restrictions on the civilian possession of military assault weapons. 

Guns do not cause homicides or suicides but they increase the likelihood that an assault will become a murder and that a suicide attempt will be fatal. Violence takes many forms and the type of firearms used vary, handguns are used most often in gang related violence, military assault weapons are often used in mass shootings, hunting rifles and shotguns are most often used in domestic homicides, suicides and killing of police officers.

All firearms need to be regulated. The regulation of firearms is important to reduce the risk that dangerous people will get access to guns. The Coalition for Gun Control has been advocating and pushing for a national ban on assault weapons since 1989.  Check it out here. After stronger laws were introduced 1991 and 1995, the Conservative government relaxed the legislation and introduced gaping loopholes.

We need a national ban on handguns.

The basics

 banning handguns in cities is not a workable solution. We need a national handgun ban.

Toronto & Montreal have passed resolutions calling for a national ban on handguns.

We need a national ban on  handguns.

All Canadians have the right to be safe regardless of where they live.

Support for a handgun ban is also strong in rural areas and among many gun owners as these guns are not used for hunting.

Handguns are designed for killing and
should not be readily available in cities or in rural communities

The Coalition’s Recommendations

With support from women’s groups, health care organizations, victims and others, we were able to push the government to ban assault weapons. But we need more. We need a national handgun ban.  Handguns are designed for killing and should not be readily available in cities or in rural communities.

Finally, the Coalition for Gun Control expect clear commitments to implement Bill C-71 and ensure that the issues around firearm fueled violence against women and suicide are no longer ignored.

  • We need a national ban on handguns and assault weapons.

  • We need an evidence-based and meaningful strategy to
    address the proliferation of handguns coupled with far stricter interpretation of what it means to legally possess a restricted

Legally owned guns are most often used in domestic violence, in suicide, in the murders of police officers and in mass shootings. Concrete actions can be taken in the 43rd Canadian Parliament. Gun control is only part of the solution but the evidence is strong worldwide that industrialized countries with strong laws are safer from gun violence.